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New *** Photos

Such a pretty boy. (Pat/Larry Goree)

BSCC Scout (Brian Sims)

Visitors at the fair. (Brian Sims)

La Dorada Vexation, FP Cow

LFoundation Pure Ankole-Watusi

I've got as much "side" to the sun as I can get.

Look at all the color. (Brian Sims)

La Dorada Mica, FP Bull (Becky Lundgren)

I found some sunshine. (Becky Lundgren)

Soaking up winter sun. (Becky Lundgren)

I'm cozy. (Becky Lundgren)

Autumn was sunny. (Becky Lundgren)

We're so colorful. (The Sims family)

Let's hear it for the end of the year. (The Sims family)

Are you sure this is mine? (Brian & Cindy Sims)

Ok, who threw the white paint??? (Brian & Cindy Sims)

We all have our eyes on you. (Brian & Cindy Sims)

Didja bring us anything? (The Gorees)

Perfectly framed. (Becky Lundgren)

I have the breed-famed lyre horns. (Becky Lundgren)

Variety is the spice of life. (Pat Goree)!

Shhhh. I'm sleeping. (Sims family)

This doesn't taste anything like whipped cream.


I'm friendly. But the rules say ... post signs. LOL (The Brokers)

Kansas in the summer. (The Gorees)

Playing with the calves. (Brian Sims)

Corbin grooming a calf. (Sims family)

Cindy Sims scritching the baby.

To see me is to love me. (Beth Lundgren)

I have my eyes on you. (Beth Lundgren).

Hey, girl, check out my profile. (Beth Lundgren)

My horns are sure pointy. (Peter Strimenos)

Sunshine makes the Florida grass grow fast.

I iz splashy. (Becky Lundgren)

Go on, tell me more. (Peter Strimenos)

We ran out of red hair dye. (Peter Strimenos)

Just when I get some quiet time ... (Beth Lundgren)

After I dry, I'll leap to my feet. (Dave Lowrie).

Furever buddies. (Dave Lowrie).

Pretty ladies. (Peter Strimenos)

April seems a bit ... white.

That white stuff isn't flower petals.

Finally, some green. LOL

If I walk faster, my toes won't freeze. (Michelle Stanley)

Snow. As far as the eye can see. (Michelle Stanley)

Yeesh. Now my ankles are cold. (Michelle Stanley)

I can't steal Mom's grain. ;-(.

I gotz snowflakes in my noze.

Mom! No snowflakes there.

Sleepy little bow-tie baby.

Who splashed all this white stuff on me?

La Dorada Brigadoon, 3 Year Old FP Cow (Becky Lundgren)

Cattle In Africa

Bull In Africa

Mother Love. (Becky Lundgren)

African Ankole-Watusi Cattle

African Ankole-Watusi Bull

Foundation Pure Ankole-Watusi Cow (Becky Lundgren)

Cow in Africa

Cows in Africa

Did Someone Say Dessert??? (Image courtesy Meredith Lockard.)

Ankole-Watusi In Africa

Ankole-Watusi In Africa

Vanilla Ice Cream With Fudge Sauce

I like wearing makeup.

African Cow

African Cow

Heading south before winter hits. (Michelle Stanley)

Resting in the afternoon. (Beth Lundgren)

I wear camo. (Brian Sims)

Singing karaoke!

Stripes everywhere! (The Wheatons)

We line up for our afternoon naps. (The Lundgrens)

No, you get into that chute. (The Gorees)

You're sure you don't have any range cubes??? (The Gorees)

It's still green here. (The Stanleys)

Foundation Pure Bull (The Gorees)

I'm a pretty boy. (The Stanleys)

Is this my good side? (The Stanleys)

African Cora and her sweetheart baby girl. (The Gorees)

Foundation Pure Cows In Kansas (The Gorees)

Foundation Pure Cow (The Gorees)

Apple Blossom, FP Cow (The Gorees)

Foundation Pure Cows (The Gorees)

Yodeling in Missouri (The Stanleys)

Merlin, FP Bull (The Gorees)

African Orchid, FP Heifer (The Gorees)

Coffee-Klatch Time! (The Gorees)

Flashy! (Michelle Stanley)

Newborn FP Heifer (Becky Lundgren)

FP Calf (Pat/Larry Goree)

We like to line up at the buffet. (Michelle Stanley)

Talk to me, baby. (Michelle Stanley)

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. (The Goree family)

We love Texas! (The Wheatons)

Stalkers can't sneak up on our celebrity. We watch constantly. (The Stanleys)

Grabbing some shade in Florida. (The Strimenos family)

Out for a ride. (The Roveys)

I'm freaking adorable! (The Gorees)

Enjoying the Kansas sunshine. (The Gorees)

Foundation Pure Cows (Becky Lundgren)

The Roveys On Parade

Another Rovey Steer On Parade

"Snow, snow, snow, snow ... snow!" (Photo courtesxy Becky Lundgren)

Let's go to Florida. (Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren)

Foundation Pure Cow Eating Breakfast (Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren)

Boy, that corn is cold. (Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren)

There's room for both of us. (Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren)

Your side tastes better. No, your side does. (Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren)

We're ready for the holidays! (Bill Wheaton)

Gloria and Cowboy are ready to party! (The Wheatons)

Santa and Cowboy Cream Soda. (The Wheatons)

Ben and Jerry

"I'm giving you the beady eye!"

"That flower sure tasted good."

Sure, the neighbors are a little unusual, but we love it here.

I wonder if the tips will ever touch!

We heard the dinner bell!

Ankole-Watusi at the Pairi Daiza Zoo, Belgium (Photo by Tom Donnelly)

Ankole-Watusi at the Pairi Daiza Zoo, Belgium (Photo by Tom Donnelly)

It's the perfect scratching spot. (Disney's Animal Kingdom)

Florida in August. (Strimenos family)

He gets the girl, but I get the car! (Rovey family)

Ankole-Watusi at the Pairi Daiza Zoo, Belgium (Photo by Tom Donnelly)

Hanging out in Florida. (Peter Strimenos)

Fairs are exhausting. ;-) (The Rovey Family)

I'm hid behind the fence.

Red cow, green grass.

The famous Rovey Horn Hug. (The Rovey family)

All aboard! (The Rovey family)

Florida grass is tasty! (Peter Strimenos)

My horns go round and round. LOL (Michelle Stanley)

With all this rain, I'm a shiny boy. (Michelle Stanley)

A happy momma with her baby. (The Wheatons)

When you're too young for the real deal. LOL

All shined up. (Michelle Stanley)

Spring is coming to Kansas. (Larry/Pat Goree)

Paul Rovey And The Next Generation.

I stretch from here to here. (Bill/Gloria Wheaton)

Foundation Pure Bull, Cow, And Calf (Larry/Pat Goree)

Relaxing By The Pool (Peter Strimenos)

Great Salad Buffet (Peter Strimenos)

Pillows are provided by the Fair. (Sims family)

This pillow is warm. (Sims family)

Young mother with baby (Goree family)

Cold hooves; warm hay! (Lundgren Family)

Night-time calving. (Rovey Family)

Taking the new baby home. (Rovey Family)

Michelle Stanley's baby all grown up.

Michelle Stanley's baby as a baby. ;-)

One of the Goree family's babies.

Mom, I heard Dracula sneaking up on us. (Photo courtesy Pat Goree)

"Out? That ump's blind!" (Photo courtesy Pat Goree)

"I've got my eye on you."

Percentage Cow With Newborn Calf (Photo courtesy Pat Goree)

Henry (Photo courtesy Michelle Stanley)

Henry (Photo courtesy Michelle Stanley)

Grace Fritz enjoys petting the steers. (Photo Courtesy Beth Lundgren)

1/2 PC Bessie Mae Brindle with 3/4 PC heifer (Photo courtesy Pat Goree)

Twenty minute old FP bull calf (Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren)

Grace Fritz petting some of Beth Lundgren's steers.

Prairie Fox (NP Cow) and her bull calf. (Pat & Larry Goree)

Prairie Fox's bull calf. (Pat & Larry Goree)

Foundation Pure Cows (Photo courtesy Beth Lundgren)

Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren

Prairie Fox (NP cow) And Newborn Calf (Photo courtesy Pat Goree)

Lil Guy (parade steer) With Brett Rovey

Marching To My Own Drummer (Michelle Stanley)

Foundation Pure Cow (Beth Lundgren)

Tohonda (parade steer) With Mark Rovey

Stepping Into Spring (Michelle Stanley)

La Dorada Robin, FP Cow (Becky Lundgren)

Another great Rovey Steer ready to go!

Snoozing in the sunshine.

You can't see me, I'm hid. (The Lundgrens)

FP Cow (Photo courtesy Pat & Larry Goree)

FP Bull (Photo courtesy Pat & Larry Goree)

Kansas Cover Girl (Photo courtesy Larry & Pat Goree)

Come at me, Bro. (The Wheatons)

Bro, Percentage Steer (The Wheatons)

Easter Lily, FP Cow (The Gorees)

We have our eyes on you! (The Stanleys)

NO! I do *not* need any CoverGirl. (The Stanleys)

Mr. Celebrity isn't taking any questions right now. (The Stanleys)

Ahh, it's nice to be warm! Tiny Hiney (The Hethcox Family)

Katelyn chin scritching the baby. (Hethcox family)

Seeing eye to eye. (The Stanleys)

Yearling Female (Photo courtesy Beth Lundgren)

La Dorada Bojangles at 2 years old. The Wheatons

Katelyn hugging Sierra Rose, FP heifer. (Photo by Joanne Hethcox)

Every little breeze seems to whisper Louise.

Mom sprinkled extra powdered sugar on me, to make me even sweeter.

Mom makes me wash my face after every meal.

Native Pure Yearling Heifer, The Lundgrens

Adult Cow

La Dorada Bojangles, 2 year old FP Bull, The Wheatons

La Dorada Bojangles, FP Bull, owned by The Wheatons.

Fresh out of the womb! Photo by Dave Lowrie.

Native Pure Yearling, Beth Lundgren.

Hi there.

Happy cows awaiting petting.

Spring hasn't quite sprung yet.

Lundgrens Sur Prize

Lundgrens Sur Prize Is Stepping Out

Lundgrens Sur Prize, From Another Angle

The Rovey Parade Crew.

The Rovey Parade Crew.

The Rovey Parade Crew.

Photo courtesy Pat Goree.

Some of the Rovey family's parade steers.

Another one of the Rovey family's parade steers.

Camo. I'm doing it right.

The longer you make me stand here, the more I sag. Hurry up with that camera. (Photo courtesy Pat Goree)

Now remember, smile at the parade-watchers. (Photo courtesy Paul Rovey)

Helping with the chores. (Photo courtesy Sims family)

Just tall enough. (Photo courtesy the Goree family)

Everyone likes a parade. (Photo courtesy the Rovey family)

Life is good in Florida (Photo courtesy Peter Strimenos)

Holy Moly, Foundation Pure Bull (Photo courtesy Chris Cox)

Babies are always so cute. (Photo courtesy Pat Goree)

Foundation Pure Cow (Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren)

Foundation Pure Cow (Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren)

Foundation Pure Cow (Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren)

Soaking up the sun in Florida. (Photo courtesy Peter Strimenos)

There's an itchy spot right here. (Photo courtesy Grace Fritz)

Why yes, I do hear the ocean! (Photo courtesy Grace Fritz)

Florida sunshine makes us sleepy. Photo courtesy Peter Strimenos.

I'm too sleepy to get up to look behind me. Photo courtesy Peter Strimenos.

If you have a treat in your hand, I'll get up. Otherwise ... Photo courtesy Peter Strimenos.

Photo courtesy Chris Cox.

Santa With Forrest Zump, Percentage Bull Calf. Photo courtesy Gloria Wheaton.

Santa says: "Move, Sur, Move." Sur says: "HO HO HO." Photo courtesy Gloria Wheaton.

Some of Chris Cox's cattle on display.

Chris Cox's grandkid playing with a calf.

Enjoying Florida At The Strimenos Household.

"I look good from any angle." Native Pure Cow, Mary Beth Lundgren

"Blondes have more fun." Native Pure Cow, Mary Beth Lundgren)

I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille." Native Pure Cow, Mary Beth Lundgren

I'm very colorful. (Native Pure Cow owned by Mary Beth Lundgren; Photo courtesy Michelle Stanley.)

You can't see me, I'm camouflaged. (Native Pure Steer owned by Mary Beth Lundgren; Photo courtesy Michelle Stanley.)

The end of autumn (Native Pure Cow owned by Mary Beth Lundgren; Photo courtesy Michelle Stanley.)

You looking at me???" La Dorada Typhoon, Foundation Pure Bull (Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren)

Dazzling Effects (Photo courtesy Michelle Stanley)

Stylized Image (Photo courtesy Michelle Stanley)

Kenya With Her Newborn Calf (Photo courtesy the Wheatons)

La Dorada Typhoon, Foundation Pure Bull, 15 Years Old (Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren)

La Dorada Typhoon, Foundation Pure Bull, 15 Years Old (Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren)

Kenya with her ten minute old calf. (Photo courtesy the Wheatons)

Kenya with her new calf. (Photo courtesy the Wheatons.)

La Dorada Typhoon, Foundation Pure Bull, wonders if Meredith will show up soon for the daily horn-scratching session. (Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren)

Foundation Pure Cow (Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren)

Foundation Pure Cows (Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren)

Foundation Pure Cows (Photo courtesy Beth Lundgren)

Diamond G Merlin, Foundation Pure Bull. (Photo courtesy Pat Goree.)

Foundation Pure and Native Pure Animals. (Photo courtesy Pat Goree.)

Hailey Feeding Stetson.

Stetson, Percentage Steer (Photo courtesy of Miss Hailey.)

Happy Family. (Photo courtesy Pat Goree.)

Diamond G Merlin, Foundation Pure Bull (Photo courtesy Pat Goree.)

The Rovey Kids. (Photo courtesy the Rovey family.)

Sur Tells Santa What He Wants For Christmas (Photo courtesy Gloria Wheaton)

Santa Checks Horn Clearance Before Accepting The New Sleigh Recruit (Photo courtesy Gloria Wheaton)

Paul Rovey, Deb Rovey, And Longstreet. (Photo courtesy the Rovey family.)

Santa Listens Intently To Sur's Christmas Present List. (Photo courtesy Gloria Wheaton.)

Santa Double-Checks Sur's Appearance Before Letting Him Take Rudolph's Place. (Photo courtesy Gloria Wheaton.)

La Dorada Mica, Foundation Pure Bull. Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren.

Jack Strait With Simba, Foundation Pure Bull, At The Tri-State Fair. Photo courtesy Pat Goree.

Jester, Foundation Pure Bull. Photo courtesy Pat Goree.

"I dote on my baby." Photo courtesy Michelle Stanley.

La Dorada Typhoon, Foundation Pure Bull. Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren.

Bill Wheaton And Sur. Photo courtesy Gloria Wheaton.

Diamond F Merlin, Foundation Pure Bull (Photo courtesy Pat Goree)

"I'm hid and you can't see me."

Momma watches over her new baby. (Photo courtesy Gloria Wheaton)

La Dorada Typhoon, FP Bull, 14 Years Old (Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren)

La Dorada Bojangles, FP Bull (Photo couresy Gloria Wheaton)

Bill Wheaton And Cowboy Cream Soda Celebrate Independence Day. (Photo courtesy Gloria Wheaton)

La Dorada Typhoon, Foundation Pure Bull, 14 years old. (Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren)

This brand new baby is all legs! (Photo courtesy Cindy Sims)

La Dorada Mojo, Foundation Pure Bull, 2 Years Old. (Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren)

Darn that fly! (Photo of Zahara courtesy of Gloria Wheaton)

Glory Be Moon Shadow, 1/2 blood yearling heifer. (Photo couresy Gloria Wheaton.)

Glory Be Lacey Michelle, 3/4 blood yearling heifer (Photo courtesy Gloria Wheaton.)

We think we see Spring coming! (Photo courtesy of Pat Goree)

Winter at Glory Be Ranch (Photo courtesy Gloria Wheaton)

"Do I really want to go outside????" (Photo courtesy Michelle Stanley.)

Cowboy Cream Soda, Percentage Bull (Photo courtesy Gloria Wheaton)

La Dorada Red Eagle, Foundation Pure Bull, isn't sure he likes winter. (Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren)

Tuft-N-Reddy, 3 days old, tries to keep his feet warm and dry. (Photo courtesy Michelle Stanley)

La Dorada Red Eagle, Foundation Pure Bull (Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren)

Zira And Friends. Percentage Cows. (Photo courtesy Gloria Wheaton)

Miss La Pew, Percentage Cow (Photo courtesy Gloria Wheaton)

Bro (Photo courtesty Gloria Wheaton)

Kenya (Photo courtesy Gloria Wheaton)

Yob (Photo courtesy Gloria Wheaton)

Kenya (Photo courtesty Gloria Wheaton)

(Photo courtesy Michelle & Christopher Stanley)

Zima (Photo courtesy Gloria Wheaton)

(Photo courtesy Michelle Stanley)

(Photo courtesty Michelle Stanley)

(Photo courtesy Michelle Stanley)

I love my baby.
(Photo courtesy Michelle Stanley)

A happy family group.
(Photo courtesty Michelle Stanley)

I could have sworn I heard someone sneaking up behind me.
(Photo courtesy Michelle Stanley)

Cindy Sims watering her cattle at the Tulsa State Fair Ankole-Watusi Show.
(Photo courtesy Brian Sims)

Grace Fritz giving a little loving to Sur.
(Photo courtest Beth Lundgren)

Another shiny half-blood calf.
(Photo courtesy Dave McKee)

I may be just a half-blood, but I'm still pretty shiny.
(Photo courtesy Dave McKee)

Yes, you're right. From this angle, you do look like you have lost weight.
(Photo courtest Becky Lundgren)

Table for two, please.
(Photo courtesy Gloria Wheaton)

Typical Kansas summer.
(Photo courtesy of Pat Goree)

You can't see me. You can't see me.
(Photo courtesy Gloria Wheaton)

Can I move now?

Lazy hazy days of summer.
(Photo courtesy of Chris Cox)

A kid can't get away with anything when two momma's are watching.
(Photo courtesy Peter Strimenos)

Shhh. Don't interrupt naptime!
(Photo courtesy Gloria Wheaton)

I'm a long way from anything warm.
(La Dorada Bojangles, by Gloria Wheaton)

In Florida, Spring has arrived!
(Photo courtesy Peter Strimenos)

Sur is SURe hoping spring will get here soon.
(Photo courtesy Gloria Wheaton)

And all was shades of gray.
(Photo by Michelle Stanley.)

Henry had never seen white ground before. And he wasn't sure his toes liked it.
(Photo by Michelle Stanley.)

"Mom's feed-bucket better have some Peeps on that cracked corn. We won't come out in this for anything else!"
(Photo by Michelle Stanley.)

It kind of looks like a giant powdered-sugar treat, but it sure doesn't taste like it.
(Photo by Michelle Stanley.)

Good grief, it's cold out here.
(Photo by Michelle Stanley.)

Do I LOOK happy???
(Photo by Michelle Stanley.)

Okay, that's it!! I'm going to go south for the rest of the winter!!
(Photo by Michelle Stanley.)

Let's get to the barn, that wind is getting cold.
(Photo by Michelle Stanley.)

I'm sure I heard someone coming.
(Photo by Michelle Stanley.)

La Dorada Red Eagle and his Foundation Pure girlfriends.
(Photo courtesy Becky Lundgren.)

"Halloween is so embarassing.
(Photo courtesy Gloria Wheaton.)

I'm ready for close-up, Mr. DeMille.
(Photo courtesy Michelle Stanley.)

I'm just a brand new baby, but aren't I a cutie-pie?
(Photo courtesy Michelle Stanley.)

"You can't see me. I'm hidden."
Lundgren's Heyday, FP Heifer.

"Isn't she adorable?"
Photo courtesy Michelle Stanley

"She follows me everywhere."
Photo courtesy Michelle Stanley

George Ansley milking one of his Foundation Pure cows.

Resting in the glorious summer Kansas sunshine. (Pat & Larry Goree)

Peter Strimenos' cows lazing in the Florida sun.

Don McConnell's Foundation Pure bull.

Bill Wheaton likes to play around with the pet steers.

La Dorada Gale, Foundation Pure cow, owned by Becky Lundgren.

Mom's back with her camera. (Michelle and Christopher Stanley)

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